Were I Blind – Were I Blind

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Self-Released
Distributor/label URL: https://www.wereiblind.com/
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://www.wereiblind.com/shop
Band Website: https://www.wereiblind.com/

Band line-up:

OC Preciado – Lead Vocals, Drums
Alberto Marin – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Andrew Trewin – Guitar and Backing Vocals


1. Behind the Mask
2. Death Is a Woman
3. Heading For Disaster
4. Imploding Lies (radio edit)
5. Were I Blind
6. Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover) Bonus Track


This London band has released their debut EP and has been described as a mix of Korn, Rammstein and Pendulum with a more innovative and present-day sound. Well, anyone wanting to sound like Korn already gets low marks, but let’s go ahead and see what we have here.

Yes, as I feared it is a mix of those bands, but nowhere nearly as interesting as they make themselves out to be. Kind of a Rammstein clone, but with cookie monster vocals thrown in and samey keyboard sounds throughout. The band just seems to want to get going, but really just kind of spins its wheels and you are left with an empty feeling. They cover Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” and I wish that I could hear the original instead of hearing this uninspired version.

Save your money and wait for them to figure out what they want to be and maybe in the future, you can become a fan.

Review by: Rick Ecker