Dig Me No Grave – Immemorial Curse

Rating: 3.5/5
Satanath Records
Distributor/Label URL:
Buy Album: https://digmenograve.bandcamp.com/
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Band line-up:

Aleksey Rumyantsev – vocals
Anton Pyatakov – guitars
Nikita Smirnov – guitars
Ivan Mishin – bass
Anatoly Schenikov – drums


1. The Curse (Intro)
2. Ritual Slaughter
3. Initiation To Afterlife Disciplines
4. Cursed Acheron
5. Dig Me No Grave
6. The Call Of the Witch
7. Ancient Aliens
8. Monument To Violence
9. I See Them!
10. Edge Of Eternity


One look at the Russian band Dig Me No Grave’s new album cover was enough for me to know what I was going to get straight in my face: old school death metal. Take a look at that cover! A hooded guy in a tomb surrounded by the corpses of kings who’s just realised he’s fucked ’cause he managed to summon the fallen angel. It is beautiful. Instantly wound its way into my heart.
Then I checked the titles of the tracks… I was more than sure that ‘Immemorial Curse’ was going to be super-moreish fun to listen to!

The album starts with an intro which  – and I am going to be honest – I wanted to skip but just because I was ready for the slaughter. To the ‘Ritual Slaughter’… As soon as the album starts, anyone can hear that it’s not the debut of Dig Me No Grave. It starts how a death metal album should start: tearing the flesh from your bones. Then the distorted bass line in ‘Initiation To Afterlife Disciplines’ starts a grinding machine and they throw your skeletal remains there. The slower part of the song made me headbang in my chair with an angry face and I stayed in an angry-faced-headbanging state until the end of the album. Although there were moments when the guitars made me want to throw the chair out the window. In a good way…

‘Immemorial Curse’ is a solid, old-school death metal album and it doesn’t want to be anything else. No bullshit here. No complicated parts. No melodies. Just pure death. The sound is perfect.
I have to mention Aleksey Rumyantsev’s vocals. Sometimes death metal vocalists don’t really satisfy me. The music is good, but the vocalist pulls the whole effort back. Now, with Aleksey this is not a problem. His vocal chords are rotten; his throat is putrid.

Obviously in 2017 no one will drop something really new and fresh in this genre, but as I said, this is a solid album. If you like the decayed sound of the 90s, and you think camo shorts and patched denim vests are cool (they are fucking cool) then you should get ‘Immemorial Curse’. ASAP.

Review by The Hun