Necrosis – Mythogenesis

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Independent
Distributor/label URL: N/A
Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Max – Guitars
Bob – Vocals/programming
Johan – Bass


1. Staring Through the Sun
2. Fury
3. Abysmal Descent
4. The Magnitude of Sovereignty
5. …And Live to Tell the Tale
6. Amicable Decadence
7. Crying Havoc
8. Structural Decay
9. Forced Metabolic Convalescence


Another band called Necrosis eh? This must be the 20th or so band to carry this name in the world of metal with bands from Nicaragua and Mexico to England and now Denmark all tagging along and joining in on the fun. This three piece crew of Scandinavian death metal dudes have released their first album as of July which looks to move forward from the band’s first release, 2013’s EP ‘Stills Of Existence’.

Stylistically, we have a lot of the familiar bludgeoning guitar tone and riffs in ‘Mythogenesis’ as its predecessor yet instead of sharpening things up, Necrosis seems to have preferred to keep a dull edge in which to bludgeon us all with. Based around the good old Scandinavian variety of death metal, the band shake things up and, at times, slow things down in order to brutalise the listener.

The albums kicks off with ‘Staring Through The Sun’ which starts off slow and stomping before the tempo shifts and the chainsaw riffs roll out. Although the drums are programmed, they have a believable and almost natural sound. They help beef up the already meaty guitars and bass which just bulldoze the brain. They don’t do many songs past the five minute mark but when they do for songs like ‘Abysmal Descent’ they just pile on the force without fear to change their structure. A lot of the music is run at the mid-tempo range but they do know how to deconstruct then rebuild into a  faster pace.

The mix serves well when working with such thick tones and chunky unabashed rhythms. Again, Necrosis have used the services of Søren Jensen of Six String Studios to record the album and have had the product mixed and mastered by Peter Brander of Media Sound Studios. Clearly, they know how to wrap up the package to Necrosis’ desires and stay true to their ethos.

Some of the best moments come in the shape of shorter tracks such as ‘Crying Havoc’ (the shortest of the album) which combines the crawling brutality which explodes into the absolutely obscene compound of skull shattering guitars, bass and blasts. There’s a lot to love with what they have created. It’s a rich attempt to bring back elements of the Stockholm sound reminiscent of bands such early Entombed and Carnage. And what self-respecting death metal fan doesn’t love that era?

The album closes with their mammoth, over seven and a half minute long behemoth ‘Forced Metabolic Convalescence’. It starts off with a passage which is as melodic as it gets from Necrosis before we resume the onslaught of putrid power. Some of the band’s best work is contained with the songs limits as the band finish their first full release as strongly as they started it. It will be interesting to see if Necrosis stay true to their sound for another release or two as it has never been a lasting flavour of death metal bands that have belonged to this style. It may not be everyone’s cup of brutalitea but, as I said, there’s a lot to love.

Review by Pete Mutant