Nuclear Warfare – Empowered By Hate

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: MDD Records
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Released: 2017
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Band Line-Up:

Just Fucking Fritz – Bass/ vocals
Just Fucking Listl – Guitar/ backing vocals
Just Fucking Alex – Drums


1. After The Battle
2. Let The Hate Reign
3. Hata Com Faca
4. Fear
5. Warlust
6. Bite Of The Viper
7. Half Truths
8. A Nice Day
9. Nuclear Warfare
10. Thrash To The Bone


So Nuclear Warfare, having now being going for as many years as one needs to get a provisional driving licence, sire a child and even get married (in the UK at least) has released its fifth full-length album, in the shape of ‘Empowered by hate’. Even the album cover looks suitably retro in its appearance for a band that play with more than a nod to their 1980s influences. What I also love about them is that they look like really nice guys. I’ve never met them, but a quick shifty through their photos and it’s impossible to find one where they’re not all grinning away like a wanking monkey. They look good fun!

Their music is good fun too. Well-constructed and tight, with fast, twiddling (and slightly discordant) solos, you can pretty much imagine what this album is like before you hear it. I can definitely hear early Slayer type influences (maybe a bit of Sepultura, too), but they do have a style that is very much their own. Rather than go about reinventing the wheel, this album is more about a group of lads who said “we really like wheels, here’s another one”.

“Let The Hate Reign” is probably my favourite of all of the tracks, but to be honest, it does have the same issue that a lot of Thrash stuff has, in that it, um, shall we say sticks very rigidly to a formula. But hey, their motto is “Just Fucking Thrash”, so that’s what they meant to do and they’ve done it – to the bone.

Review by Bob Davidson