Symbolon – Hunted

Rating: 2/5
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Band line-up:

Jakob Plochberger – vocals/bass
Anton Pyatakov – guitar/vocals
Wolfgang Achleitner – guitar


1. Soil
2. Quarantine
3. Lurking Ziz
4. Manhunt
5. Winter
6. Bound
7. Hidden In The Forests
8. Buzzard
9. Haunted By The Legions Of Forlorn Skies
10. My Earth, My Mountain
11. Lost
12. Sirius
13. The Dark Guardian


I am always afraid when I read a band’s bio and they say “it’s hard to categorise our music, so we named it as metal/hardcore”. When I read these kind of things I just do not know what to think. Was it really hard to come up with metal/hardcore? Or did they say it is and it is not? I do not get it… On the other hand, I am only 30 but I love old school music much more, so for me a band is either hardcore or metal.

This is the case with the Austrian band Symbolon, who just released their debut album ‘Hunted’.  They are a fresh band, and only formed in 2014.

Anyway, let’s talk about the album. First of all I think they should work on the cover art. It is obviously not really important nowadays, but I am from an era when (in the beginning) you chose the album by its cover. If you think about metal and hardcore covers, most of the legendary albums have brilliant ones. The cover of ‘Hunted’ is not a catching one. I wouldn’t chose this one from a shelf.

As I mentioned, Symbolon is a young band and you can certanly feel this in their energy. On the other hand it means they are not mature music and production-wise. Musically they try to be a bit of everything, using a mixture of genres. I am not a fan of mixing clean and unclean vocals and Symbolon did not change this. The clean vocals are okay, the screams are good but the growls are just bad.

I am not sure about the production. I have mixed feelings about the sound as sometimes it is good but sometimes not, and I have no clue how that is even possible. Also, the string parts in some of the songs are not real violins and that disappoints me. Here I have to mention the last song – ‘The Dark Guardian’. I enjoyed this… but that fake violin sound at the end ruined it a bit.

I think that the ‘hardcore’ part of their genre labelling is a mistake. It is nowhere near hardcore and has nothing to do with it. If I was in the band, I would just go with the metal part or even better: metalcore. And as a metalcore album ‘Hunted’ is fine. I think the band has potential, but they just need to work on a few things which they will do I’m quite sure because they are young band with young members.

Review by Gabor Csete