Siege + Endless Grinning Skulls + State Funeral + Never @ The Dome, London

Date: 16th September 2016
Review by Gabor Csete

I am always happy to go to The Dome. Altough I was a bit late I made some time to quickly get some whiskey inside my body before the gig. This was when I realised that there was no queue at The Dome. Usually there is. ‘Specially when a legend’s playing there (and I consider Siege as, plus the tickets were only £15). So after the usual checking-in (name + IV zine + “tonight there’s no readmission” (they say it every night)) the first thing I realised that they’ve changed the venue a bit. The door is not where it used to be and they changed the stage a bit, there is new rigging and so somehow the place looks smaller but taller at the same time.

Second thing I realised: my senses were right! No queue in-front of The Dome meant barely any people inside the venue – Even though the first support band Never was already on the stage. Never is a band full of young fellas and I can only say that I am not a fan of the vocalist as I am not a fan of screaming in hardcore. I can’t really say anything else as the sound was horrible (which was absolutely not their fault), but the bass sound with the distortion was outstanding. I am going to check them out again; maybe in a smaller venue they will hit bigger. On the other hand they were energetic and a few young guys were already moshing to them. Never knows where to put their breakdowns although I felt I’ve heard these before – I guess with all bands within the genre doing similar, there will always be the risk of sounding a bit cliched.

After Never’s set I went out to the smoking area where I realised that Grave Miasma (London-based death metal band) were playing later in the other side of the building so now I knew what the reason was for the lack of people.

I got back when State Funeral (the English one, not the Welsh one) started to play. For me they were the best that night. They are everything you want to hear and see from a hardcore band, plus the singer – who sometimes reminded me of Choke from the mighty Slapshot – wore a hangman’s mask. Their bass sound was rad too but the whole sound was only a bit better than Never’s. As soon as they finished their set I had a quick chat with the vocalist then I had to beg the security guy to let me run out to the nearest cash machine as I had to buy a State Funeral t-shirt.

There were more people on Endless Grinning Skull – obviously more people know them. The sound was way better than before but after the joy that State Funeral gave me I felt this set a bit boring… They are a solid band don’t get me wrong but it is nearly impossible to fight with the energy of kids in their twenties.

Then came the main reason for the night, Siege. Siege is a legendary band from the Boston Hardcore scene (and they were a major influence for many bands, for example Napalm Death). That’s why I still don’t understand why The Dome wasn’t packed. Siege played for about half an hour which should be enough for every hardcore band and Siege have officially released only 3 songs and some demos. But that short time was amazing and I think more bands should play this kind of time slot. So it was a fast 14-15 song set, but it was really good to saw them as I thought I’ll never be able to. And If you missed them I feel sorry for you!