Black Lion Records Welcome International Death/Doom Act Nangilima

The final nail to the coffin… Black Lion Records are extremely happy to welcome international Death/Doom act Nangilima, fronted by the charismatic singer Emilio Crespo known from Epic Black Metal project Sojourner. Backed by well-known members like Evilead from Bizarre and Elderdawn, along with Nikolay Velev from Historian and Inspell, this doom trio together brings some of the most chaotic and mesmerising Doom Metal, inspired by bands like Doom:VS, Draconian, and many more.

The band released their first full length called “The Dark Matter” in 2014. Followed up by a EP entitled “Shards of Loss” in 2016, the band is now hiding six feet under, decomposing new material for their upcoming record in 2018. Having known Emilio for quite some time and becoming close friends over the years, it became natural to talk about the possibly of working together. But various things were in the way. Now the label are finally able and extremely pleased to welcome Nangilima as the last nail to the coffin for the Black Lion Records family, and are sure that this is a great start for a good working relationship. Nangilima sticks to their core roots of Death/Doom style that has been mastered by bands like When Nothing Remains, Draconian, Doom:VS, etc. Regarding the band’s new untitled album, all that can be said is that it will feature guest spots from Anders Jacobsson of the legendary band Draconian on guest vocals, Josep Brunet from the known band Helevorn, and Plam Chelavrova. With these two heavy names and the talent of Plam, Black Lion Records are confident that this will be their strongest album to date.

Nangilima comments:
“We are happy and proud to announce that we have signed a record deal with Black Lion Records! I have seen how the label has been evolving over these past few years and how hard Oliver has fought to make it the powerhouse it is proving to be. It is nothing short of an honour to work with him and share the roster with bands such as When Nothing Remains, Vanha, Hyperion, Mist of Misery and others. We are definitely excited to get this all rolling and bring you all a new slab of Doom!”

Nangilima are:
Emilio Crespo: Vocals/Lyrics,
Nikolay Velev: Guitars/Keys/Programming,
Evilead: Bass/Keys.

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