Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Dimman released their critically acclaimed EP!

A Finnish melodic death metal band Dimman released their critically acclaimed EP named ‘Guide My Fury’ this past month via Inverse Records. This EP is Dimman’s real tour de force and it anticipates a bright future for the band.


The band is currently composing new tracks and they promise even more versatile Dimman than ever heard before.

Listen to Guide My Fury on Spotify:
and check out their video on here:

Track list:
I. Guide My Fury

II. Harbinger
III. My Head, My Prison
IV. Pitch-Black Morning
V. My Head, My Prison (Orchestral Version)
Dimman - Guide My Fury
Dimman – Guide My Fury
 Valtteri Halkola – vocals
 Jaakko Yli-Sorvari – lead guitar
 Mikael Haapala – rhythm guitar
 Elias Halkola – bass 

 Samppa Raittila – drums