Dr Gores Halloweenies

Time: Saturday 28th October 2017
Location: Electrowerkz – London UK

Dr Gores Halloweenies promises “disturbed comedy, unusual and exotic burlesque, extreme sideshow, all topped off with a Dr Gore show”.

*Tell us everything DrGore, what have you concocted for Halloween 2017?

I have planned my most fiendish event yet. I have brought in some of my old friends and a few new ones to help celebrate my 11th year on the stage back in the venue I started at.

*What are the spooky qualities your performers must have?

What I look for in an act for my events are originality, entertainment value, beauty/darkness and that pushes the limits of the performers’ profession.

*Who will be performing at Halloweenies?

The performers for Halloweenies are:

Dr Gore (Horror magician and bizarrist)

Neuroses (unusual character and stand-up comedian)

London City Sideshow (sideshow artists and guiness world record holders)

Trixi Tassles (champion tassle twirle and fire burlesque)

Gabrielle Doll Facee (Bizarre angle grinder and fire performer)

Syban (medical performer extraordinaire)

*What can the audience expect?

The audience should expect weirdness, and the exotic, not to mention my act.

I have my lab assistant Igor and my ghost, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to pick on the audience. I mean they all look so tasty and tender.

*And lastly, what does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween to me is a very important day.

It’s the 1 day a year I get to feel normal. The day when all the freaks and weirdos can come out to play.

It has become a commercial holiday, but to me it holds one big importance. It was the day I did my first show as Dr Gore. So to me it’s my birthday and that makes my favourite time of the year all the sweeter.

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