HOT SUNDAY BLOOD Reveal Cover Art Concept for New Album “New Omega”, Out October 13th!

Italian Alternative Rockers HOT SUNDAY BLOOD have revealed the coverart concept of their stunning new album “New Omega”, out October 13th, via Mervilton Records!


Hot Sunday Blood
Hot Sunday Blood

“Hot Sunday Blood’s New Omega cover was conceived by the whole group. The Omega symbol, formed by two bodies, is the main theme of the album. Omega is a mystic symbol that stands for Jesus Christ and also a representation of an end, as for conclusion of a spiritual or carnal path. In this case it means the corporal death in order to reach a spiritual elevation; a strong will to leave mortal remains to be free to reach a higher dimension. The four-parts suite Salvation talks about it. Jesus Christ, considered as a human being, is the protagonist. He’s been left alone in his own corporal essence to be reeducated by his Father; all this happens through suffering and pain that all humans have to feel in their own life. The aseptic background of the picture represents the spiritual mood and the two half-naked bodies symbolize carnality.”

Furthermore, this week, HOT SUNDAY BLOOD are shooting the new promotional photos with their new line-up:
• Andrea Amerini (vocals)
• Marco Piozzi (guitar)
• Andrea Libero (guitar)
• Carlo Borra (drums)
• Paolo Iulita (bass)

The “New Omega” album concept follows a spirituality research through carnal suffering. It brings to the idea to compose a four-parts suite (Salvation) about Jesus Christ. Not from a religious point of view, but mostly related to a concept of the human pain of a man forsaken and sacrificed by his own father’s will.

“New Omega” Track list
1 Salvation (omega into flesh)
2 Salvation (tears of absolution)
3 Salvation (observed)
4 Die free
5 Rich n’ fallen
6 Troublemaker
7 Still broken
8 Souleater
9 Salvation (waiting to be saved)

“New Omega”, recorded and mixed at Gramarossa Studio Recording, was conceived in 2016 and will be released on October 13th, 2017. This second album, like the previous one, is under American label Mervilton Records, and reveals a growth and maturation on HSB’s sound. The grunge oriented influences of the first album evolved in a heavy rock, prog rock and new wave cocktail. The groundwork remains alternative rock but with a strong flavor from ’70s to 2000 music.

Further information:

HOT SUNDAY BLOOD is an Italian band, formed in Turin in 2013. The sounds are inspired by alternative rock music, with heavy rock influences. Each band member affects the sound in an unique way, coming from different backgrounds, such as metal, stoner, grunge, black metal, prog and new wave. The band loves to define itself as “plug and play” regarding the live aspect. Lyrics are all in English; solid guitar riffs and open melodies characterize the tracks, which obtain the right depth through Andrea Amerini’s voice. For fan of Mastodon, Queens Of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins.

The first LP “Someone Left Behind” has been produced, recorded and mixed at Gramarossa Studio Recording, in Turin, by Manuele Miceli (February – July 2014) and mastered by Eric Brohyll, of MonsterLab Studio (Sweden). SLB is an album with sounds close to 90’s grunge music and alternative rock, with few tracks much closer to metal. The album was released in March 2015, under American label Mervilton Records. Available on most popular digital stores, and streaming websites.

Recording line-up for “Someone left behind” (2015) and “New Omega” (2017):

Andrea Amerini (vocals)
Marco Piozzi (guitar)
Andrea Libero (guitar and backing vocals)
Manuele Miceli (drums)
Annalisa Bove (bass)

Current HOT SUNDAY BLOOD lineup:

Andrea Amerini (vocals)
Marco Piozzi (guitar)
Andrea Libero (guitar and backing vocals)
Carlo Borra (drums)
Paolo Iulita (bass)

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