Ram-Page – The Grave of Seven Billion

Rating: 3/5
Grimm Distribution
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June 30, 2017
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Band Line-up:

Stanislav Shtrih – Vocals
Dmitry Dolgov – Vocals, Bass
Kirill Kasatkin – Drums
Sergey Privalov – Guitars


1.Awakening Of The Ancient (Intro)
3.Can Of Beer
4.The Revolution
5.The President
8.Last Defenders
9.The Grave Of Seven Billion
10.Blood Money


Challenge for the day people, try finding this band on the internet. Are you aware of how many bands are out there called Rampage? Okay they have the word separated by an hyphen but still, it makes things awfully hard. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s commence with it!

Formed in 2010 in Russia, these fine folks have been doing the rounds for a while now. After all, this album is their fourth release. Ram-Page describe themselves as blackened or brutal thrash/death metal, and that certainly sounds interesting. Right up many’s alley so to speak. The intro track ‘Awakening Of The Ancient’ opens things up nicely with an old school 80s vibe, and then the fun begins with pretty much exactly what the group have described themselves as. Razor sharp guitars, thumping drums and bass, vocals leaning more towards the death metal style than your standard thrash outfit, aggressive enough to keep you listening, catchy enough to get the hair swinging. As if all this wasn’t enough, backup vocals throw in a bit of a more shrill tone at times, just to make sure you are paying attention.

There is no doubting the intent of this band. In your face would be an understatement. Some of the thrashier galloping riff work is exceptional, and as it is mixed in with the other influences, this album is quite the package. One has to wonder how Mother Russia keeps churning these bands out like some sort of military program. Maybe that’s the plan, brutalise the West by sheer force of music alone. Grimm Distribution may well be a front to conquer us all, one artist at a time. Any band that calls a song ‘Can Of Beer‘ will also undoubtedly get one’s full attention. The song’s meaning is unclear, so let us hope it is just about a can of beer. Considering the titles of the rest of the songs which seem to point at something far more sinister, it may well me a metaphor for something.

Many believe that an artist’s first and second tracks should be what suck listeners in, as a lot of bands tend to lose the thread after a while. They will not disappoint, especially if you lean more to the death metal side of things. As for you thrash heads, you can go no further than ‘Blood Money‘. The intro is fierce as all fuck, then the death metal fans get invited back on board. Yes, Ram-Page cater for us all. Very kind of them. TGoSB is a strong album and although I’m highly suspicious of the intentions of Grimm Distribution, I shall for now remain a fan, and so should you.

Review By The Great Mackintosh.