Tengger Cavalry frontman Nature G releases new Mongolian folk electro-metal crossover album

Acclaimed Mongolian folk metal composer and frontman of Tengger Cavalry, Nature G, has released new album Stereotyping, a unique cross-genre album.

Nature G
Nature G

The release’s name is somewhat surprising at first glance, as Nature G is well known in the metal industry by shirking all of the genre’s norms.

The same man who made Mongolian folk metal a viral sensation is taking on a decidedly more personal tone, harnessing the power of heavy metal with a delicate electronic influence, all filtered via Nature G‘s unique folk-metal take.

Stream stereotyping on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/raidingmedia/sets/nature-g-stereotyping/s-zRxyB

Check out the video for “Stereotyping” here:

Nature G
Nature G
1. Stereotyping
2. Cool Girl
3. Every Step
4. I’ll Break You
5. I Hate You
6. Fickle
7. The King Of Manipulation
8. Rise Above
9. Abusive
10. Bar Maid
11. Captain Flint