Ungraved Apparition – Pulse_0

Rating: 4/5
Grimm Distribution
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Band Website: Unknown

Band Line-up:

Damned – Vocals
Micky Babossa – Guitars
Bones Taker – Lead Guitar
Leon Kratt – Bass
Paul Kas – drums


01. Кома
02. Спаси! (Intro)
03. Спаси!
04. Тот, кто не дышит (Intro)
05. Тот, кто не дышит
06. Неумершее явление (Intro)
07. Неумершее явление
08. Гнилостные бактерии (Intro)
09. Гнилостные бактерии
10. Гангрена (Intro)
11. Гангрена
12. Пыль (Intro)
13. Пыль



Grimm Distribution strike at us yet again with more Russian ferocity, this time in the name of Ungraved Apparition. Forgive me if you cannot read the names of the songs, because neither can I. One has to work with what one is handed at times, and no matter how much research I did, (apart from learning another language), my efforts were an utter failure. The next question begs to be asked, are these guys a failure? Let’s have a listen.

Good news people; this particular band have decided to bring something a little different to the table, and this table has been well set. Most of you out there will find something here to appease your hunger. From the mouthings of a mad man in parts, to the deathly doom of the delivery, this is yet again a superb release. (Damn you Grimm, give me something crap so I can at least tell people you are not infallible).

The soundbites before each song serve well to invite you into a world full of dread, uncertainty, and the illusion of the tale that is being told. An Apparition of sorts, floating before you and offering a ghastly hand. The Journey of a man questioning himself maybe? Again to speak Russian would be a blessing. Even so, language is no barrier for madness, nor is it for excellence. The music has spoken. Turn off the light’s and put on your headphones. Kick back and let this seep into you. Take that hand. See the Apparition. The like minded surely will.


Review By The Great Mackintosh.