Peter And The Test Tube Babies + Arch Rivals + East End Badoes + @ 100 Club, London

Date: 6th October 2017
Review by Gabor Csete

When the opportunity came up to write a review about Peter And The Test Tube Babies I said yes within a split second without hesitation. I always really wanted to see them but somehow I managed to miss them each every time. And this time I nearly did it again…

On Friday after work I went to have some drinks with friends like most of us do. After a few pints someone mentioned that Peter And The Test Tube Babies were playing that night and that’s when I realised I’d totally forgotten about the gig. I quickly finished my drink and rushed to the 100 Club which is a legendary venue, but is in the worst place ever… especially on a Friday night.

The club was quite crowded by the time I got there and I nearly managed to miss the first support. I’d never heard of the band Foreign Legion before, although the Welsh punk rockers started in 1984 and they play classic British punk. Since then I’ve checked them out – and you should too! It was quite a good performance and as I checked the crowd I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it. Although it’s not gonna turn your world upside down, Foreign Legion is a solid band.

I realised that I hadn’t even heard of most of the support bands. East End Badoes was one, and I felt a bit ashamed as after a good start they were even better. The Poplar boys are that kind of band that I want to smash glasses and start a riot when they play. And they played anthem after anthem and they stole the night, at least for me.

Arch Rivals was the third band, the youngest in the line up and the most energetic. They came out with their first record a couple of years ago (or maybe last year? I’m not sure) and ‘One More Round’ was a really good album. And I have to say they are a really good band live as well, I am most definitely gonna check them again.

Then came the main reason of the night: Peter and the Test Tube Babies. After Peter Bywaters told us that Foreign Legion lost their girlfriends he asked a silly question: “Want some old school punk rock then?” The answer was obviously a massive “Yeah!”  from the crowd, so they started their set. I was thinking that the guys had obviously gotten old but still have tons of pure energy and the show was so professional it blew my mind. I think everyone enjoyed it: fists were in the air and sweaty people were dancing and singing – beer was flowing. They mostly played classic songs and of course newer ones, but I am not entirely sure about the set, I mentioned the flowing beers…

I waited years to see Peter and the Test Tube Babies and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I got even more out of it than I thought I would, and I nearly missed the whole thing. So now I think I can give this whole planet some advice: if you can watch this band, do it. You gonna have fun. Lots of fun!