(DOLCH) – “III – Songs of Happiness, Words of Praise”

Ván Records proudly presents the new release of (DOLCH)! Atmospheric and sustained music for the heart, soul and brain.

“III – Songs of Happiness, Words of Praise” was recorded in January and May 2017 by (DOLCH) with the usage of drums, guitars, bass-guitars, keyboards and microphones. Mastered by Laurent Teubl in June 2017.

Is life like a stream?
Exciting. Inviting.
Like veins that spread our blood?
We fear it´s repulsive force.
We fear it´s drawing power.
Close and distant, driven and stopped.

Is life like a journey?
Through a landscape of our heart.
Wandering through a desert.
Never ending forward.
A desire to stand still.

Is life like a story?
A novel or a poets craft?
Do we fear it´s indifference?
Appearing like an empty joke.
Do we hear a laughter?
Or see a smile upon one´s face?
Is there only darkness?
No happiness?
No praise?


1. Opening Speech (0:29)
2. Intro mit Pauken und Trompeten (0:51)
3. The River (8:08)
4. Siren (5:09)
5. Hydroxytryptamin Baby I (4:51)
6. Track Six (0:15)
7. 100000 Days (18:01)

“The River” – Official track stream: