LORDAMOR recording their second album

LORDAMOR, Finnish black/funeral doom metal band founded in 2006 is recording a follow up to their 2009 debut.

The album has been in the works sporadically since 2010 and was finished in creative frenzy in short period in the spring 2017.

Influenced by the likes of ThergothonWorship and Esoteric, the band has released a promo including three songs from the album and it can be streamed in their Bandcamp site at: https://lordamor.bandcamp.com/ album/promo-2017.

For the sound the band looked back to the decades past, away from the overproduced modern metal. The band is looking for a label to release their second full length.

The music of Lordamor is based on strong riffs and melodies and to dark and oppressive mood. The intense and heavy atmosphere is highlighted with the use of lighter, even beautiful, parts. In addition to metal, the band draws inspiration from ambient music, creating different textures to the background.

Official Bandcamp: https://lordamor.bandcamp.com/