HORROR GOD/TECHNE split CD out now on Lavadome Productions

The new split CD from HORROR GOD and TECHNE is out now via Lavadome Productions.

This eight-track album takes great lengths to show how art can manifest if bands have the chops and perseverance to place expression and originality above all else.

Horror God and Techne each contributed four tracks to the album, all of them loaded with equal amounts of monstrous riffs and intensity. The similarities end there as each band retains their own sound and style throughout the split.

Horror God offers three brand new originals and a ripping cover of “Sinking into Transparency,” from Canadian death metal band Purulence. A true, but rewarding challenge.

Techne’s contribution to the split is surreal and proves that extreme music can be rife with complexity and technicality, yet accessible to the listener. Art such as this needs no label. Techne approached this release with one goal – to permanently imprint the music, and the atmosphere it creates – on the listener’s brain. Mission accomplished.

For Techne, this release means ‘Finita la Commedia,’ as the band has decided to call it a career.

Horror God will carry on and has a full-length album coming later this year on Lavadome Productions.

Lavadome has launched a full-album stream of the split. Check it out at:

Order the split at the following links:

Digital: https://lavadome.bandcamp.com/album/horror-god-techne-split
CD: http://store.lavadome.org/product_info.php?products_id= 1481