Death Yell – Descent Into Hell

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Hell’s Headbangers
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Released: August 2017
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Galleta – Vocals
Andrés L. (aka Pollo) – Guitar
Alejandro (aka Guatiu) – Guitar
Omar (aka Chato) – Bass
Marco (aka Demon Doris) – Drums


1. Soulless
2. Descent into Hell
3. Cries of the Nazarene
4. Bluffer
5. Betrayed Chastity
6. Purging Demons (acoustic intro)
7. Thy Will be Done
8. Will Never Enjoy
9. Healing by Blood
10. Macabre Fuckfeast


I love hearing a convoluted history of a band, especially when it spans decades. The delicately titled Death Yell is one of these cases. Formed somewhere in the 80s and split up in 1991 (the year the Hubble Telescope was launched, the time when the USSR officially ended and when Terminator 2 was top of the Box Office) this is technically their debut album. Although there have been a few changes, this Chilean quintuplet has been playing live for the past four years or so, and have cemented a name for themselves, apparently.

There’s absolutely no fucking about with this album. Straight in, ‘Soulless’ is a frantic and brutal auditory assault. In this regard it’s marvellous. This continues with the next three tracks, although it would be remiss of me not to mention ‘Cries of the Nazarene’ as one to look out for; this absurdly catchy number is one I almost started singing along to on the tube. Thankfully I stopped myself. ‘Betrayed Chastity’ slows things down a little, with cantabile lead guitar playing sounding literally like tortured souls.

If you haven’t got the idea by now then I would wager that this album is not for you. There’s not a massive amount of variation as we go through, which would be my only criticism if I had to have one. There are some really interesting solo motifs, vaguely reminiscent of early Slayer to me, only better, and the whole thing is crisp and well produced. In short, it’ll please death, thrash and black fans alike. But probably not anyone else.