Morbid Evils – Deceases

Band Name: Morbid Evils
Album Name: Deceases
Rating: 4.0/5
Distributor/label: Svart Records
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Timo Niskala-Drums
Keijo Niinimaa-Guitars and Vocals
Kalle Karjalainen


Case I – Murder
Case II – Dead Weight
Case III – Evaporate
Case IV – Tumour
Case V – Death Breath
Case VI – Abacinated and Blind


Morbid Evils have returned after slogging it out on the road with Voivod, and have followed up 2015’s debut with a six part anthology of… well, Morbid Evils. The three piece band pioneered by ex-Rotten Sound guru of chaotic grooves, Keijo Niinimaa, have brought over 40 minutes of dark and altogether crushing music. The slow crawling motion gets more and more obliterating as it goes on. Each song nears six minutes or above, which allows for a lot of space in which to draw out the power and cause great bursts of cerebral impacts.

From the first burst of cannoning riffs in ‘Case I – Muder’ and the almighty lung bursting opening scream, we get dragged into the cold and haunting abyss that the band has created. Touched by blackened elements, the sound is full on drudgery which packs in so much punch it rearranges your whole being into a splat of broken trauma. The rhythm is arduous and works as if a heart skips a beat, which is no wonder when you consider the deafening strength of the noise they create.

The flow into ‘Case II – Dead Weight’ is seamless and brutal, with a coarse progression of droning riffs which cements the punishing music. It is entirely constructed to leave you in a smouldering heap. The production is perfect for the mix which heightens the impact of the music. Each track is a testament to unbridled power and force. ‘Case IV – Tumour’ is so merciless in its stomping rhythm, but so is the rest.

Morbid Evils are conjurers of the extreme and keep the momentum at a terrible crawl. Every aspect of this album breathes desolation and doom. The combinations are simply exercises in malice to the world which they scorn with every bit of bottom end brutality. The album keeps on smashing and smashing until its climax in ‘Case VI – Abacinated And Blind’ which also stands as the longest track in the album. There’s even a flair of wicked groove thrown in for good measure, as we get a commanding end to a peach of a sophomore release. ‘Deceases’ is just so deafening and crippling that it should come with a hazardous material sticker, but it is a joy to get blown about by their twisted perceptions. Well worth a listen so slap it on and get ready to be bent over and shafted by these evil bastards.

Review by: Pete Mutant