Devil’s Emissary – Demiurge Asceticism

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Third Eye Temple
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9th September 2017
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1. Black Hole Meditation
2. Transcendental Rite
3. Horizon Temple


Okay, and now for something completely different; I was unable to find out exactly WHO is in this band, which is unusual for groups from their region… NOT. If I had a penny for every time I have had to move Heaven and Earth to find the members of bands from Poland/Russia and the Ukraine, I’d at least be able to afford a very large hot dog with some fries and maybe even a small Coke…

That out of the way, Devil’s Emissary have released two full length’s before this one, since 2013, so they have been around for at least a little while. Does that make much of a difference? I don’t know, I haven’t heard any of the earlier stuff, so my interpretation of this is all you are going to get.

It’s quite a formidable wall of sound that these guy’s bring to the show. An act in three parts, ‘Demiurge Asceticisim’ is all fire and brimstone, raging chaos and hellbent fury, full of distortion and the howls of the demonic. And it’s actually rather good. Admittedly it took me a listen or two to get it into my head, (at first it just sounded like a disorganized mess), but after the second or third listen it began to become a Hell of a lot clearer, pardon the pun. It began to take form, as it where.

The form of some horrid Demon spewing it’s hatred at the living and all that confines it. The form of an evil mind wishing to inflict it’s foul desires upon the very Earth above it. A form of utter darkness that wants to swallow the sun and leave the planet desolate and bereft of all but it’s hateful self.

By the third act you will have no doubt about any of the above. When the bass kicks in and the riffs start pummeling your very soul, you may consider that any Emissary of the Devil may have taken a more subtle approach. Not these chaps. No fucking way.

Rather good. Hail Satan and all that.


Review by The Great Mackintosh