Faces Of The Bog – Ego Death

Rating: 4 / 5
Distributor / Label: DHU Records
Distributor / Label URL: http://darkhedonisticunionrecords.bigcartel.com/
Released: 2016
Buy Album: https://facesofthebog.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/facesofthebog/

Band line-up:

Paul Bradfield – Bass
Danny Garcia – Drums/Percussion
Mark Stephen Gizewski – Guitars/Vocals
Trey Wedgeworth – Guitars/Vocals


01. Precipice
02. Drifter In The Abyss
03. Slo Burn
04. The Serpent And The Dagger
05. Ego Death
06. The Weaver
07. Blue Lotus


When I got Faces Of The Bog’s record – Ego Death – in my hands and took a first look at the cover, I was sure it is going to be psychedelic. Sure you need to use something to change your consciousness to draw that picture, and it kinda sold the record for me.

I was really interested to hear what psychedelic sludge would sound like, and I already had an idea of the sound in my head. Well, it is not sludge. At least not in an Iron Monkey or Eyehategod way. And when I hear the term sludge that’s what I wait for.

So although I didn’t get what I was waiting for, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t like what I got. FOTB’s music has sludgy, massive riffs with a fair amount of grunge and prog touches, and by that I mean the Tool kind of progressivity. You might think these styles mixed with a psychedelic drift would be a mess, but no! The Chicago quartet put things where they should be.

“Ego Death” is a trip. It is actually like a deep trip. It has meditative parts and sometimes the doom makes your stomach clench, like before the trip goes bad. This is not easy to swallow music; I feel I have to listen to this album a few more times to really get it. Musically it is catchy but there is something more to it than just that.

FOTB is a gem in the dirt and I hope they’re not going to get lost in today’s music scene. Their debut is great and I really hope that they’ll manage to tour on this side of the pond. That would be an experience!

Review by Gabor Csete