Mascharat – Mascharat

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Seance Records
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Released: 15th September 2017
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1. Intro
2. Bauta
3. Médecin de Peste
4. Mora
5. Vestibolo
6. Simulacri
7. Iniziazione
8. Rito
9. Outro


Mystery seems to be the thing these days. Surround yourself in it, cloak your guise in a form that people cannot see. Wear a mask. It’s interesting that this band chooses to name itself after the Italian term for a mask, ‘Maschera’, and funnily enough they are from Milan, which happens to be in Italy. Holy shit Batman!

Renaissance Black Metal may not be a genre that is familiar to us all, but Mascharat on their debut album will show us it. And show us they do, even if they are anonymous and cloaked in darkness.

This debut release is nothing but class. A walk down the streets of a celebration where everyone has hidden their identities, whilst knowing that Death and Darkness walks among them. Somewhere, in the crowd they lurk and in between the bursts of medieval beauty, comes the roar of a sound that is familiar yet fear inducing.

Why fear your demise when you are having so much fun, flitting from person to person, unabashed in your hidden self, your facade slipping as surely as the mask on your face. After hours of gluttony and sin, it happens: Death, then all the rest of the things you dare not speak about catch up with you.

They whisper in your ear. Tonight you are free, enjoy yourself. For when the Carnival is over we shall judge you. Until then, my friend!

Brilliance. Let us all hide our identities for just a moment and enjoy the ride. Black, so very Black, with melody and beauty for all.

Review by The Great Mackintosh