NECROTTED – Worldwide Warfare

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Rising Nemesis Records
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Released: 2017
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Band Line-up:

Fabian Fink – Vocals
• Pavlos Chatzistavridis – Vocals
• Philipp Fink – Guitar
• Johannes Wolf – Guitar
• Koray Saglam – Bass
• Markus Braun – Drums

  1. Worldwide
  2. No War but Class
  3. Hunt Down the Crown
  4. Vile Vermin
  5. The Lost Ones
  6. My Foray, Your Decay0
  7. Unity Front
  8. Our Dominion
  9. Babylon
  10. Forlorn Planet

Here we have the band which shook the German Death Metal underground, NECROTTED. Following their last album’s success (named “Utopia 2.0“) and after having played at festivals such as Summer Breeze Open Air, they have something new for us this time, by the name of “Worldwide Warfare”.

The album features 10 songs, every single one of which presents its genre in its best light. Filled with double bass attacks, aggressive riffs and drum fills out of this world, this album gives you a perfect picture of how death metal should really sound. The two guitars mix phenomenally well together and their replenishment makes beautiful melodies. The solos are at pure master level, mainly mixing into the other guitar’s riffs and vocal screams, adding contrasts that immediately catch the ears.

The band’s two vocalists (Fabian and Pavlos) give the album a constant energy which never stops. One singer is more of a growler and the other a screamer, but both capture the dark atmosphere as they should. Lyrically, the album’s theme is social criticism. It Criticises the threats to society and points to a global revolution and a pure apocalyptical scenario. The heaviness of the riffs and vocals just add to the scenario, that was imagined by the band. Every song has a slower part which calms the scene a little, but makes you bang your head right by the rhythm.

For me, the album is pure class. It doesn’t get boring at all, it just keeps getting built upon so you’re really excited for what’s next. This is really a highlight in their discography of now three full length albums and an EP.

Review by Kire Jovanovski