Klogr – Keystone

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Zeta Factory / PHD
Distributor/label URL: http://www.zetafactory.com/home/
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.klogr.net/shop/
Band Website: http://www.klogr.net

Band line-up:

Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli: Lead vocals/guitar
Pietro Quilichini “PQ”: Guitar/backing vocals
Maicol Morgotti: Drums
Roberto Galli: Bass guitar


1. Sleeping Through The Seasons
2. Prison Of Light
3. Technocracy
4. The Echoes Of Sin
5. Pride Before The Fall
6. Something’s In The Air
7. Drag You Back
8. Sirens’ Song
9. Dark Tides
10. Silent Witness
11. Enigmatic Smile
12. The Wall Of Illusion


KLOGR is an Alternative Rock/Metal band that formed back in 2011. Following some line-up changes along the way, the band has released two prior full-length albums, and the new album presented here contains twelve tracks.

This is a very intense and powerful album with impassioned vocals that go from smooth to shouted and the playing is mind-blowing. The songs are catchy and will sound amazing played in a big arena with the kids shouting along with the band, the only problem that I have with this is that it sounds a bit generic to me. They sound like a bunch of other bands out there right now and don’t seem to be doing anything that really sets them apart from the crowd.

The songwriting is there, the playing shows real talent, but it just doesn’t grab me like I had hoped that it would. I really can’t say what would have made it a better album to me, just that this isn’t the album for me. It has angst and the ability to get the blood racing, but it just seems to go in circles and made me kind of bored with it.

The album isn’t bad, it just sounds too samey with a lot of others out there, but if you are a fan, then this will definitely make it to your playlist and you will love it. I didn’t hate it, but it won’t get much play from me again. Good, just needs something more to it.

Review by Rick Ecker