MEKIGAH – Autexousious

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Aesthetic Death
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Vis Ortis
Leith Carnie
T.K Bollinger
Paul Weeden
Axiam Ziltch – mangled sounds on all
Adamor Ziltch – additional field recordings
Chris A.C


1- Eroding Will
2- Autexousious
3- Fooled Blood
4- Zmatek
5- Diminished Responsibility
6- The Infinite Never
7- A Vast Abyss
8- Backpfeifengesicht
9- Rejection Nostalgia


This Australian band, more like Vis Ortis and whoever he can find to help him out, have put out three previous albums, starting out back in 2010.
This new album has nine songs, with three over five minutes long, and one going on for over ten minutes.

Well, if you want noise and some Cookie Monster vocals mixed with droning and songs that seem to go on forever, have we got what you are looking for! Some of the background music is interesting and if you took out the vocals, and the plodding of the tracks, you would have a cool instrumental album, sadly I didn’t get that one, I got this instead.

The songs just seem to go on and on forever and really leave nothing that sticks with you, just a sense of this has been done to death. The mish-mash of styles and the sameness of the music just seems to be one for their fans or the pretentious person who wants to be the person who likes weird stuff just to screw with their friends.

I really tried to get into this, but really, it did nothing for me and I know that this will be in the pile that I will never listen to again. If you are a fan, more power to you and enjoy!

Review By Rick Ecker