CHASTAIN The 7th of Never: 30 Years Heavy!

This release is a remastered, 30th year anniversary reissue of the classic CHASTAIN album “The 7th of Never”.

Chastain 1
Chastain 1

This album features the studio lineup of David T. Chastain on guitar, Leather Leone on vocals, Mike Skimmerhorn on bass and Ken Mary on drums.

“The 7th of Never” was originally released in 1987 and David states, “Of all of the Chastain CDs, this one probably has the best lead guitar playing from top to bottom. This was during an era where my chops were at the top of their shred game.”

Leather further comments: “The 7th for me was a turning point, vocally. I had figured out how to interpret the music the way I heard it in my head. The song “7th of Never” still kicks my ass live to this day!!!!”

During the “7th” era, the band did numerous headlining tours throughout the United States, as well as playing arena shows with bands such as Alice Cooper and Kiss. The touring band of that time included Les Sharp of CJSS on drums, and on some shows, second guitarist Pat O’Brien. Pat is currently a member of the death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

David continues, “I wanted to bring up the audio to today’s standards. To be quite truthful, I think the album has withstood the test of time and holds up quite well to traditional metal standards. We have new young fans contacting me who say they just found out about this album and band, after all this time.”

After over thirty years CHASTAIN is still going strong, and with a very prolific catalog whose albums certainly fall into the category of “metal classics.”

This CD is regarded as a classic amongst most CHASTAIN fans!!

Chastain David T. Chastain

Chastain 2
Chastain 2