DEATH KEEPERS sign with FIGHTER RECORDS, prepare label debut & reveal first track

Spanish heavy metallers Death Keepers have just inked a deal with Fighter Records. This was for the release of their debut album to be entitled ‘Rock This World’, and it’s due for international release on January 22nd, 2018.

Death Keepers 1
Death Keepers 1

Formed back in 2011, Death Keepers released their demo ‘On the Sacred Way’ in 2013. Since then, they’ve been working on their debut album and developing their own style, by adding more hard rock influences to their previous power metal sound.

‘Rock This World’ was recorded during 2016 and early 2017 with producer Gorka Alegre (Barón Rojo, Ñu, Steven Adler) and co-producer and sound engineer Gorka Dresbaj. Including both revamped songs from their demo and new tunes, the sound of Death Keepers is a fresh, catchy and incredibly addicting blend of classic power metal with touches of Helloween / Judas Priest, and some hard rock influences. These give an unusual result which is tremendously infectious. If you’re tired of the typical heavy metal formulas, Death Keepers is definitely something that will surprise you!

Hear for yourself with the new track “Rock & Roll City” HERE at Fighter Records‘ official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting for ‘Rock This World’ are as follows:

Death Keepers 2
Death Keepers 2


Tracklisting for Death Keepers’ Rock This World

1. Rock & Roll City
2. Fire Angel
3. Death Keepers
4. Haven’s Heaven
5. Rock This World
6. Thriving Forcast
7. Love’s Within (Yourself)
8. Wildfire
9. Invention IV
10. Metallia
11. Smooth Hit Love



Death Keepers 3
Death Keepers 3