Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Seance Records
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Released: 15th September 2017
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Ominous – Bass, Guitars (lead)
Deceiver – Drums, Vocals
Inferus – Guitars (lead)
Anunnaki – Bass
Grotesquery – Keyboards
Zy – Drums


1. Hammers of Hatered
2. Barbs of Sadism
3. Tears of Misery
4. Temple of Malevolence
5. Pale Face Cold Heart
6. Obscure Reaches
7. Upon The Beast Rode a Whore
8. Shadow of the Flame
9. Domina Noctus
10. Ave Satani


Apparently, Australia’s Nocturnes Mist have been going since the late 90’s, but ‘Diabolical Baptism’, only their 3rd full length in 20 years, is my first introduction to the band.

‘Diabolical Baptism’ is a bit of a mixed bag. Opening tracks are very important and here ‘Hammers of Hatred’ has a raw Darkthrone inspired simplicity and ultimately it gives the wrong impression of the album to come.

The album, in fact, contains a lot more depth than the first track has to offer but none the less it’s a decent start in a sense that it is no frills, Scandinavian inspired black metal.

From there on in the album follows this base but thankfully incorporates death/thrash riffing and keyboard highlights which break up what would otherwise become quite a monotonous album.

Slower tracks such as ‘Tears of Misery’ and ‘Domina Noctus’ are packed with melody and remind me of Satyricon with touches of Watain whereas ‘Barbs of Sadism’ has those soaring synths and it’s songs like these which make the album a lot more engaging. Final track ‘Ave Satani’ is a tad predictable but also an enjoyable end to the album.

The production is nice and crisp without sounding too sterile, vocals are at the forefront and are a touch to distorted for my liking but they suit the music well. There’s some nice guitar solo’s and licks throughout the album too!

All in all, it’s a decent album, if a tad generic, but certainly enjoyable, and more so with each listen. It’s definitely a grower that could easily be discarded upon first listen, so give it a chance.