Mesmur – S

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Solitude Productions
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Released: 2017
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John D – Drums
Jeremy L – Guitars, Synth
Chris G – Vocals
Michelle M – Bass


1. Singularity
2. Exile
3. Distension
4. S = k ln Ω


Mesmur have come back with their second full release ‘S’, a four track leviathan of an album, which moves onwards from the more brutalising self titled debut. ‘S’ does brutalise, but in a more subtle manner than its predecessor. This is with bags of spacious soundscapes, which build a dreadful atmosphere and provoke tense and haunting thoughts, and images of morbidity.

Funeral Doom at a cosmic level, ’S’ kicks off with the exceedingly heavy ’Singularity’ and this song, which stands at being over fifteen minutes long, is a gigantic portion of dark and creeping energy. The combination of the synths, drums and bottom end hammering guitars blow everything out of the waters and into some seismic shifts of tremendous gravity.

There are plenty of fills in the spacious cavities of this album. Some blasts here, some eerie synths there and some of the most cavernous vocals out there, from vocalist Chris G; the G, I’m assuming, stands for guttural. The variations in style from track to track are intriguing, but not too far flung from the main core of the band’s sound.

I like the almost King Crimson-like sound to the opening of the second track, ‘Exile’. It also appears in the penultimate track ‘Distension’, which is the longest track on the album, standing at over sixteen minutes. The eeriness and the slightly abstract placement of notes and chords, comes off a little like Meshuggah would if they were hooked on heroin; slow and not as mechanical but still devastating.

’S’ is a strong piece of deathly doom, which moves on from what the band achieved with their first album. In all honesty, I prefer their first release as it was a little more compact and carried weight through it’s more direct potency. Still, this album carries some gravitas power that pulls you in and captures your attention to no end. This multi-national outfit will, I’m sure, have much more to offer in the future, so if you are in love with all things funeral doom then keep following Mesmur.