Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Independent
Distributor/label URL: N/A
Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Tommy Gervais – Bass, Vocals
Luke Roberts- Drums
Eytan Gordon – Guitars, Vocals


1. Descolada
2. Carthage
3. Hoplite


Fresh on the scene and coated in a fine coating of fuzz, Pale Mare introduce themselves with a three track EP packed full of pace, force and driving riffs. The three piece outfit from Toronto, Canada formed in 2015 and is comprised of members and ex-members of bands such as Razorwire and Archaeon.  The three musicians know how to strike hard and fast but can also build and break. They have several dimensions to them but it is pretty clear they prefer to exercise their more heavier influences.

A good example of this would be the second track ‘Carthage’, which bolsters itself with fast driving, chunky tremolo picking in between the crunching chords. This breaks to a slower building section, with some more space in between the actions of guitarist and vocalist Eytan. There, he adds nice bluesy and atmospheric guitar parts. His lead fills throughout give the impression of what it would sound like if Motörhead did sludge.

The opener ‘Descolada’ wins the prize for standout track on the EP, just for its commanding riffs and movement inspiring rhythm. There’s plenty of groove too, so there are many aspects of the music which earns its repute. The vocals, which are shared between Eytan and Tommy Gervais are strong and consistent, if not a little one dimensional. However, they fit in well with the music as a whole.

The rhythm is fluid and potent, with some forceful drumming from Luke Roberts. It’s nothing astounding but it is well rounded and pushes the riffs to greater gains. Backed by Tommy’s bass, it all comes together in a barrage of lively music. Definitely a worthy start for the band and it sets them up well for making a mark in the hard rock/metal world.

Review by Pete Mutant