Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Jun Tonosaki – Bass, Vocals
Takashi Tanaka – Drums, Vocals
Yukiyasu Fukaya – Guitars, Vocals


1. Necrotic Incision
2. Fiend
3. Vanishment
4. Morbid Hallucination
5. Excarnated
6. Uncanny Descension
7. Abysmal Decay
8. Recurrence


Anatomia; a three-piece outfit from Tokyo Japan have brought out their third full release in ‘Cranial Obsession’, an eight-track journey into some well ploughed and also fertile grounds of death metal. Their previous albums and a multitude of splits have kept Anatomia moving forward with their sound which is a bit of a wish mash of black, doom and old school death metal, sometimes all of these styles coming together in one song.

The opener ’Necrotic Incision’ brings us well into the realm of old school and abyssal death metal with some mid-tempo beefy riffs and crushing rhythms. This continues into the mighty second track ‘Fiend’ for some high-quality death metal. We get our doom encrusted parts in stages where the songs collapse then spiral into ever-evolving motions but the death metal influences reign supreme throughout.

Some dissonant synths build a creepy atmosphere throughout the songs on this album, adding extra layers to the well-coordinated music.
Tracks like ‘Morbid Hallucination’ pound through with juggernaut riffs whilst the next track ‘Excarnated’ brings forth the black-tinged doom.

The album has so many moments of brilliance such as the ridiculously heavy opening to ‘Uncanny Descension’ which is so well constructed with a barrage of low-end notes, rapidly pummeled by the colossal drums supplied by Takashi Tanaka who also fills in for some of the vocal duties.

There’s a lot to love with ‘Cranial Obsession’. From the straight-up death metal to the spacious and atmospheric doom, the band fire on with great attention to detail and a mastery of skill and tact. You can pretty much pick at which songs will be more doom orientated by looking at the track length but this has always been a feature of doom and a dead give away from the offset.

The standout fact really is that the sound is massive and Anatomia has excelled in producing over an hour of solid music. They already have another split out with Gravesite so the band are still putting out new material with little space to breathe in between. This Japanese group are proving that they have a wealth of creativity at their disposal and it will be interesting to see where they take it next.

Review by Pete Mutant