Grate – You Should Be

Rating: 2.5/5
Social Blasphemy Records
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Danyael Nilsson – Bass
Nick Holmquist – Vocals/Guitars
Adde Larsson – Drums


01. Mincemind
02. Daddy Is Here
03. Ingrates
04. Losing Streak
05. Legalize Everything
06. Shoulder Launched
07. Mothcan
08. Wrench
09. Paint A Perfect Photo


Every album by the Swedish trio “Grate” has a certain theme. “You Should Be” is about the Second World War. This kinda reflects the cover photo which I love, but the whole cover art looks cheap. It’s a picture you can find on Google and then someone’s just added the logo to it with Paint…

Grate is a metal/sludge/noiserock/doom band, and on “You Should Be” you can hear that they have even more influences – thrash, industrial and sometimes nu-metal or even a bit of emo. To be honest it’s too much sometimes…

Some of the songs remind me of Crowbar while others are like Eyehategod. Evidently, the guys have a massive influence from New Orleans although they put their own twist on the regional sound. And this is where I do not know which is too much for me – the twist or the influences.

For me the vocals kinda ruined the album. While the song structures are okay and the sound is good (the guitars are weird in a good way and the drums sound how they should – although the snare is a bit canny sometimes), Nick Holmquist’s voice put me down. In the song “Daddy Is Here” (I am not sure if I love or hate the song) it reminds me of what Phil Anselmo did many times when he made those deep vocals. In the same song Holmquist tries higher notes and it just feels out of tune. In most of the songs, the vocals feels strained and the production makes it unorganic.

I’ll have to listen to “You Should Be” many more times to decide what I really think about it. Musically, it is a good album and it has originality but as I said some parts and the vocals put me off.

Review by Gabor Csete