Kolp – Cured but not Healed

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Lost Horizon productions
Distributor/label website: http://losthorizonprod.blogspot.hu/
Released: 2017
Buy Album: https://losthorizonproductions.bandcamp.com/album/cured-but-not-healed
Band websites: https://kolp.bandcamp.com/


Knot – All instruments
Jim Jones – Vocals


1. Air decrease
2. Let the pale inside
3. Being my child
4. Pitch-dark circles
5. To the pit
6. Cured but not healed
7. Decompose (till only skin remains)


To be honest, I didn’t know this band until I received the album, ‘Cured but not Healed’, currently under review. Kolp hails from Budapest, Hungary, and consists of band members Knot and Jim Jones. The band has been around since 2007, but their debut album (‘The Covered Pure Permanence’) was released in 2010 and the material on it recorded between 2008 and 2009. Jim Jones joined the band in 2008, providing vocals and until then the band was just instrumental with Knot on all instruments. The current album was released this year on Knot’s own label called Lost Horizon Productions.

Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the band so much that I was considering to give the album a 5/5. The first four tracks are just amazing songs of which I can write nothing but sincere praise. However, towards the end of the fifth track (To the Pit) the vocals started to annoy me and it is the title track of the album that puts me off completely. The music doesn’t sound black metal anymore and the vocals become even less bearable. However, musically, the band redeems itself during the last track, but by now the vocals have become a joke and reminded me of Yoda. Whereas it started off as a 5, my final verdict is a 3.

With just under 36 minutes,’ Cured but not Healed’ seems to be the perfect title for this album. It was a rollercoaster experience from excellent to poor and back up to average. Limited to 450 copies, this album can be obtained through Lost Horizon’s Bandcamp website. Handle with care. I don’t think I’ll listen to the album again, despite the fact that the first few tracks are great. The good tracks will end up on my playlist, but that is about it.

Review by Philosopher King