Perturbator – New Model

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Blood Music
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Released: 2017
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James Kent


1. Birth of the New Model
2. Tactical Precision Disarray
3. Vantablack
4. Tainted Empire
5. Corrupted By Design
6. God Complex


Composed in secret, New Model follows quickly on the heels of his Billboard chart-topping album The Uncanny Valley and explores the bleak and slithering circuitry at the core of modern life. This album is thirty-four and a half minutes of electronic music that takes his synthwave past and pushes it just a bit more into the future.

You get a lot of interesting tracks on here, like “God Complex,” which has a very cool Bladerunner vibe that turns into a peppy track that makes your heart race with anticipation. “Vantablack” reminds me of Depeche Mode way back in the late ’80s before they became boring. Ther are hints of NIN on here as well, but none of the album sounds like a copy, rather, it has bits that are remembrances, but not copies of anyone else.

There is a dark and brooding aspect to this album, but since he has a history of playing with black metal bands in his youth, go figure that some of that might creep in. This shows that you can play electronic music and not be boring or cold, you can add textures that take your music to another plane.

The short but tight sounding album just makes you want to hear more of his music, and that is a good thing.

Review by Rick Ecker