Throneless – Cycles

Rating: 4.5/5
Black Bow Records
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Johan Sundén – Vocals and Guitars
Patrik Sundberg – Bass and Artwork
Johan Burman – Drums and Production


01. Born In Vain
02. Cycles
03. Senseless
04. Oracle


Well, another album I had the luck to listen to in 2017 which will be released in 2018. And another album which set the bar high. “Cycles” is the second album of the Swedish doom trio, Throneless. If you’ve never heard about them then you should know that the album will be released by Black Bow Records, which itself is a good sign (you’ve heard about Conan, right?)

The cover art of “Cycles” caught me. Since my childhood I still get this weird feeling – some kind of fear – when I see a picture of a planet with a ring around it. I was hoping for the songs to pair with the feeling the cover caused and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

This stuff is heavy. Really heavy. And to top that, there is only one song out of the four less than 9 minutes in length. It’s not just heavy but psychedelic as well. I was on a train at night when I first listened to it and the album took me further – much, much further – than my destination, thanks to the combination of the above.

I initially thought that the vocals were a bit lost behind the music, but after a few listens I still don’t know whether this is a positive or a negative thing. The guitar sounds are good but I didn’t find them special: they’re just what they are and how they have to be. But the drums blew my mind away. It feels like you are in the studio with the drummer. The production is good, and the fact that it’s produced by the drummer makes it even better. So, not only the music but the production and the artwork as well are made by the bandmembers, and for me this DIY attitude makes this brilliant album a gem.

Review by Gabor Csete