DEAD SOUL COMMUNION reveal cover art for new album MMXVIII

UK Based DEAD SOUL COMMUNION has unleashed the cover art for their second album MMXVIII which is due for release in Summer 2018. The new album is said to have taken a heavier approach, with 10 new songs written mainly by founder Daniel J Finch. Recording is due to start in January 2018.

The cover was designed and drawn by Drake Mefestta having done the cover art for the first DSC album. Finch met drake when he did the cover for his previous band Devilment. Drake has done a number of covers and art including 69 Eyes, Symphony X, Devilment and Cradle of Filth

The band released their critically acclaimed debut album in July 2017, gaining a lot of attention from the metal community. You can buy the album now direct from the band from their website or download from iTunes, Google Play & Amazon. Stream it from Apple Music and Spotify.

The band are also lining up a number of festival appearance in 2018: