BuiOmega – Decay

Rating: 2.5 / 5
Distributor/label: Self release
Distributor/label URL: https://buiomega.bandcamp.com/album/decay
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://buiomega.bandcamp.com/album/decay
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/buiOmegametal/

Band line-up:

Toy Calamarà – Vocals
Luca Dispenza – Guitar
Alfio Nicolosi – Guitar
Luigi Cannata – Bass
Francesco Paladino – Drums


1 – Intro
2 – Rotten Eden
3 – The Night Before
4 – Worm’s Age
5 – Weeping Earth
6 – Gaia
7 – As Above So Below
8 – Deneb
9 – B_H
10 – Outro


Hailing from the beautiful Catania in Sicily’s east coast of Italy, something decidedly dark and doom ridden drags itself this way – the debut release from BuiOmega with the title ‘Decay’. I won’t quote the Facebook biography wordings, but I’ll summarise as follows: 5 guys, mutual artistic vision of bleakness, freezing blackness, doom, gloom with a sprinkling of prog; there’s a lot of this going around, almost like a vile sickness in itself. It’s a self-recorded, mixed, mastered release, which is never easy to get right. Is it a bedroom bonanza, or a blackened doom-trodden gem shining in the glistening sands of moon beach? Read on…

The first track courteously marked ‘Intro’ sends us into a kind of neo-sand storm, or contrastingly a few too many steps north of the wall. ‘Rotten Eden’ tosses us straight into a Swedish old school death-metal sounding affair, with Calamarà’s guttural vocals sitting a little too low in the mix to pick out as clearly as I’d like. They get washed away almost entirely by the guitars at the 2-minute mark, and similar flaws get to me at other points on this release. This is because the vocal work is generally very good and unexpectedly varied. The vocals remind me of Jukka Pelkonen (Omnium Gatherum), in fact the music also does in part, but it’s noticeably less melodic, almost like an early Omnium Gatherum demo.

Things move on to a more blackened-death-doom feel in ‘The Night Before’ with a blast intro, transitioning into a more progressively melodic set of industry standard black metal chord progressions. I like to call out when I ‘clock watch’ which I did do a little from time to time on this track and those there-on from here. The riffs are a little uninspired at times. ‘As Above So Below’ is probably my favourite track here. It builds well, has some interesting bass work going on and some strong vocal shifts keep it interesting (…again, the mix drowned them out). However, 9 mins felt a tad too long.

Bottom line; the tracks generally across this release take you on a reasonably satisfying blackened doom splattered journey. It’s rough, a little loose, doesn’t feature the most original riffs but does succeed at dropping you off at your most conveniently sign-posted chasm of hopelessness (TM) without too much objection. I think these guys will get much stronger in time, a solid first effort.

Reviewed By Joel Wheeler