Hell Bent – S/T EP

Band Name: Hell Bent
Album Name: Self-titled
Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://hellbentri.bandcamp.com/album/ep
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/hellbentri/

Band line-up:

Aaron – Vocals
Brian – Drums
John – Guitar
Shawn – Guitar
Sam – Bass


01. Yeast
02. Desert Death Lord
03. Canis Lupus Superion
04. Bastard Curse Of Abraham
05. Condemned To Life
06. Scythian Horde


Let’s start with the only bad thing about Hell Bent’s self-titled EP: it’s only an EP. And with the longest song less than 3 minutes, six songs under fifteen are just not enough. It’s not satisfying. At least for me because I am addicted to this kind of crossover…

As old school as it gets, a proper mixture of thrash, speed, hardcore punk and d-beat, it flew the listener back to the late 80s – early 90s, especially with the influences S.O.D., D.R.I., Discharge, Celtic Frost, etc…. There’s no surprise why Hell Bent is so good: they’re all tested musicians who play in amazing bands like Dropdead, Ulcer and Neon Bitches.

The album cover is everything you want from a cover art in any heavy genre. Skulls and bullets in black and white with the logo in red on top. Perfect. No bullshit. Seriously, even the cover made me happy. I’ve mostly had an instant gag reflex when I’ve see album covers in the past decade, but art like Hell Bent’s speak for itself.

To be honest I wish everyone would stop reading this review, and instead just listen to this 15 minutes of eargasm. The whole album makes me want to destroy things, dive into the moshpit, chug beers down, headbang and stage dive. And I knew I wanted to do these things as soon as the opening track “Yeast” started with the distorted bass. The sound is a gem: I wish more bands would do raw materials instead of today’s overproduced stuff. It’s simply wonderful.

I can’t say anything bad about this album and it’s impossible to be objective. The whole album is self-released so if you like thrash/crossover then you’ll enjoy this a lot. If you don’t, then please spend fifteen minutes of your precious time to learn what kind of stuff you’re missing out on, then think about your life…

The EP came out on a cassette and as a deluxe edition as well, which comes with a sticker, a pin and a patch which I have to order. I listened to this album countless times in the past few days and I still want more, so I hope for an LP – and it would be nice to catch Hell Bent live somewhere in Europe.

Review by Gabor Csete