La Casas Viejas – goule//H

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Alerta Antifascista Records
Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Trish – Vocals
Tim – Drums
Tobi – Guitar
Schtä – Vocals
Bubu – Guitar
Rudá – Bass


01. Moribundus
02. Kein Ort 1- nicht keine Stadt und Lethargie
03. Kein Or 2- nicht die Stadt und Lethargie
04. Klaustrophobie
05. Erinnerung


Despite the fact that La Casas Viejas has a Spanish name, the band is from Germany/Austria. The sextet is a really young band as they founded a year ago but I am quite sure they will become known.

As far as my German goes I only understand the title of “Klaustrophobie” but the songs of goule//H are so atmospheric that I did not feel that my lack of knowledge in the language is a problem.

As the band said, their genre is a challenging mixture that cannot simply be put into the usual genre drawers. And indeed it cannot. La Casas Viejas’ music is experimental and they uniquely mix post-metal and post-rock, black metal, sludge, and doom metal together with beautiful sounds of nature and the noises of metropolitan life creating a soundscape which I am amazed by; somehow I do not really know where to put it. For sure they keep their influences and the genres in a good balance and nothing gets too much.

The six-piece is really good in playing with the moods; this is a catatonic and depressing album which is fun to listen to but completely without happiness.

The songs are long and epic and the production is amazing (through headphones the bird songs and the noise of the pneumatic hammer made me jump to the window to se what ws going on outside), especially if we consider that this is a debut album. And this (that goule//H is a debut) is the key here, becuse it is really promising and I am sure we will hear more about La Casas Viejas.

Review by

Gabor Csete