Three Eyes of the Void – The Moment of Storm

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Diabolus Productions
Released: 2017
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Band Lineup:

Alexander Kasarium – Drums
Dmytro Kvashinn – Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Track Listing:

1. On The Shore
2. Facing the Storm
3. Perceiving the Ignorance
4. The Eyes to See
5. Overcoming



A very nice atmospheric opening with the sound of running water, has you thinking of nature.

The sound of birds flying and clucking too is laden down before what can only be described as an audible thunderstorm takes hold.

First track has some magnificent blast beats which is good as i wasnt expecting such precision from a mildly atmospheric act.

Other musicianship is quite what you’d expevt if you like other Ukrainians like Nokturnal Mortem. Flowing gems of guitars shining brightly as you’re taken beyond yourself with “Perceiving the Ignorance”.

I think the recent actions in Ukraine must have played a role in this album as the notion of life and nature makes me think of someone using a medium like metal to talk about peaceful times. This is a very passive album as the first three tracks illustrate.

The ending track “Overcoming” is the landing procedure of an aural flying machine that brings you back to earth feeling nicely melancholic. I can say this album is a trip into the inner psyche that an experienced pair of musicians have concoted using the finest of inspirations from literature, history and moden culture.

Given the status of the metal scene in Ukraine right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first in a story of a band on their way to many great and fruitful exploits. Lets hope these guys stick around for a long time.

A finely crafted black metal blade from Eastern Europe.

Review by Demitri Levantis