Bloodshot Dawn + Reprisal + Satiracy + Ifreann @ Audio, Glasgow

Date: January 23 2018
Review By: Pete Mutant

It’s been four years since Bloodshot Dawn had released ‘Demons’, their last studio release and subsequently, it had been about four years since the band was last on Scottish soil. On this visit, the band were a new look outfit with Hideous Divinity’s Giulio Galati filling in for James Stewart who was currently on duty with Vader. His was not the only recent involvement as the only member to have toured with band previous was founding member Josh McMoran. The band have had a few dates to gel and get tight before the Glasgow date as they have been given ‘Reanimation’ – as well as their other recent additions to the lineup- a baptism of fire on the road, the truest test in metal.

On the road they were bringing Reprisal who were making their first ever Scottish appearance. The English quartet from Surrey and Berkshire haven’t been too active in releasing new material but they have some real quality which we will come to shortly. Completing the lineup were two semi-local-not so local- band in Edinburgh thrashtastic stallions of speed in Ifreann and Glasgow’s own Satiracy. The stage was set and Ifreann were the first to take the stage and introduce the night’s music. A few punters were there to greet them as the music began.

Ifreann [3.5/5] came on and knew what to do. They provided some decent riffs and plenty of groove which was pretty thematic to a lot of the modern thrash outfits that cut about nowadays. They put out some decent leadwork and at a rapid tempo which was sitting well with the meagre audience. Vocalist Ian Gillan (I know what you’re thinking) was kilted up for this evening’s festivities and was cutting a commanding presence, forever keeping mobile as the music blared. They blasted through their set to the penultimate track ‘Hell’s Sentries’ which had some quality blasts with some nice tone going from the guitar to then end their set with ‘Poisoned Minds’. A solid start and next up was the local outfit Satiracy to keep the juices flowing.

Satiracy [3.5/5] were of a different nature entirely. They did bring some groove to the sound but there was a lot more melody and some more complex instrumentation going on. They gave off a massive energy which some of the crowd seemed to thrive off of. Vocalist and guitarist Louis Chesters was pretty preoccupied with his duties but fellow guitarist Callum Morgan was covering a lot of ground whilst keeping the rhythm tight and dishing out some potent leads. We even got treated to a brand spanking new track in ‘Dethroned’ which brought in some bounce and some pretty proficient drills and fills from drummer Oskar Mazurek. The set was completed with the seismic ‘Hellbound’ which was a fine closer to a fairly well done set.

Reprisal [4.0/5] nearly blew me away. They were tight, fast, hard, heavy, fluid, fluent, punctual, sharp, solid and so many other complimentary words and phrases. Lead man and altogether nutter Tommy Johnstone (doing his best Danny Dyer proper geezer impression) may have been feeling the effects of some minor illness and came on fully kitted out in his raincoat. He was able to shake off whatever ailment it was and deliver a well driven performance around some cracking metal music. I hadn’t listened to the band before tonight and the impression I was left with was a sort of mix between Voivod and Revocation with sharp, quick notes and jazzy chord progressions which can flow into rapid flurries of shredding or twist and crunch in ridiculously powerful and abrupt chords.

It was a blinding set with some great flowing tracks like ‘Edge Of The World’ and ‘Hammer Of Light’ which must be newer tracks yet to be put on record by the band but they were absolute smashers and drove the night forward in such a positive fashion. They finished their set with ‘Atomic Tectonic’ which had so many breaks and shifts that took the song into some very ambitious territory. The crashes from the cymbals provided a thunderous sound as the set drew to a close. We were all warmed up and primed for the main event as Bloodshot Dawn were getting set up for the night’s main event.

Four long years since Bloodshot Dawn [4.0/5] came to Glasgow and we were about to get a set worth the wait. Although this was a tour to help launch ‘Reanimation’, the band kicked off the set with ‘Vision’ from their self-titled first full release. The previous gigs leading up to tonight must have served the band well as everything was well coordinated and pretty tight. And it didn’t look easy either. Bloodshot Dawn don’t do simplicity and have carved a career out of making their lives difficult with the music that they play. We got into ‘Reanimation’ with the third track ’Survival Evolved’ which is one of their more progressive tracks, displaying high and almost tranquil melodic sequences that then opened to the band’s darker and heavier inclinations.

One interesting aspect of the band (of many) is that the guitar duties shared by Josh McMoran and Morgan Reid don’t normally crossover and it’s rarer for the band to play in harmony rather than to build and alternate in a complex but formulated manner. Their style is of many styles with so many different nuances that are implemented which heightens intrigue an delivers a well rounded display of varied composition. There was a lot of melodic sections as in ‘Black Hole Infinity’ but there was also a lot of destructive force involved as well; especially when they came out with ‘Godless’. There was strength in their melodies, strength in depth and strength in death. They really had a great knack for building a bridge to the two contrasting forces.

Each member of the band served the night’s music well. The leads from both Morgan and Josh were exceptional and bassist Giacomo displayed a keen intuition in driving the rhythm. Fo a stand in drummer Giulio put in a pretty stellar performance and almost left the audience with shell shock from the relentless blasts that he delivered throughout the set. The set was drawing to a close and for the last two tracks, we went to the concluding tracks of their latest album. The instrumental DNA Requisition needed to be restarted after a quick hiccup which Brough smiles from the band before it built up to and unleashed ‘Reanimation’ which ended the night’s music with more emphatic music. That was my first taste of Bloodshot Dawn live and it left m with a great impression. The band served the small but dedicated group of fans extremely well with some extremely well executed music. Hopefully we will be seeing them again soon as the band look to move forward with the new lineup and to a bigger future. We will be waiting and will be ready for when they make their triumphant return.

1. Vision
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Survival Evolved
4. Black Hole Infinity
5. Controlled Conscious
6. Shackled
7. Beckoning Oblivion
8. Godless
9. DNA Reaquisition
10. Reanimation