Defenestration – Gutter Perdition

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Xenokorp
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Cancrelat – Vocals

Apocalyptic Lawnmower – Guitars/vocals

Basstard – Bass

Petite Frappe – Drums


01. Blinding Sublimation
02. Vintage Carnage
03. Jizzus
04. Sorry To Apologize
05. Akkarian Oracle


noun: defenestration; plural noun: defenestrations
1. 1. 
 the action of throwing someone out of a window.”death by defenestration has a venerable history”

What better way to start a review when a band has such a name. Fairly new to the world of death metal having
formed in 2014, the five piece band from Nantes, France have released their first venture (minus an earlier demo)
in building a discography with ‘Gutter Perdition’. This five track EP serves as a great launching pad for the band
who have been assisted via XENOKORP’s ‘The Militia Series’ and Defenestration have taken the bull by the horns
with this one. The EP may not have the best production but the music bears some brutal fruit of serious quality.

The band certainly has the ability to muster up some cracking death metal and waste little time with an ode to
brutal death in the opening track ‘Blinding Sublimation’. The tempo is fast and the shifts are common and fluid.
We get a decent flurry of bruising bass lines from Basstard on the bass who certainly shows that he is not
basstarded but bass capable. The quartet provide all the chops, hooks, droning rhythms, blasts, cavernous
gutturals and formulated chaos that one could want from a death metal band. The riffs fly from guitarist
Apocalyptic Lawnmower and the gutturals from Cancrelat are as demonic as you could want.

The EP flows from track to track without much interruption. ‘Vintage Carnage’ leads into the exceptional ‘Jizzus’ and it’s all about the brutality. There’s no lead work just a constant yet shifting barrage of musical extremities. The shortest track on the EP ‘Sorry To Apologize’ gives us some of the best moments on the record with great builds
that open to commanding sections where some space is afforded for achieving maximum impact. This is where former drummer Petite Frappe (since replaced by Äerzerath) lays down some of the most crushing components of  rhythm on the EP.

The final track ‘Akkarian Oracle’ is the longest track and probably the most varied and far reaching of the EP. With a memorable main riff and plenty of unrelenting heaviness, this track brings some of the best elements of old school death metal to the forefront and gives plenty of inspiration to start catapulting one’s self into oblivion. Overall, this is a great piece of extreme music which will resonate with a large swathe of the scene’s most ardent followers.There’s a lot of quality and industriousness to get behind. The production does lack a little in delivering the full impact of the music but it is only a small issue and in the grand scheme of things, the overall sounds is still pretty damn smashing. Hopefully we will get a full album next but time will tell and I’ll be waiting.


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