Somali Yacht Club – The Sea

Rating: 4 / 5

Distributor/label URL: Robustfellow Prods/

Released: 2018

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Band line-up:

Mez – guitar, vocals
Artur – bass
Lesyk – drums


1. Vero 11:38
2. Religion Of Man 12:02
3. Blood Leave A Trail 06:20
4. Hydrophobia 06:32
5. 84 Days 07:27
6. Crows 09:13


This trio from Ukraine has just released their sophomore album with six lengthy stoner rock tracks. The band has grown since their first album and has added more psychedelic and a thicker sound than before.

The songs are full of lushness, but not all soft and squishy and pretty, kind of textured with a sludgy, gooey sound that coats the music with a layer that you have to ease into to get the full effect. The songs have a filthy sound, like being covered in mud and scraping it off the record and it still fills the groove, but you hear this lilting vocal above it all and it pulls you into the mess of it and you can’t get out, but you just get drawn deeper into it and you love every second of it. The playing is complex and very emotive, especially on the longest song, “Religion Of Man,” and you just can’t get past this song. It has so much going on in it and you just want to drown in the swamp of it all. The band is on point with their playing and really shows you what they can do, and they can do it with such a high standard, that you forget that this is only their second album.

Grab a copy and get lost in the swirling morass that is The Sea, but don’t worry you won’t drown, nor will you call for help, just call for another drink and enjoy the ride on the waves of sound. This is a total winner from start to finish and I can’t wait to listen to it again.

Review by:

Rick Ecker