Valdur – Divine Cessation

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Bloody Mountain Records
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Released: 1st December 2017
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Band Line-up:

JF – Vocals
Vuke – Guitars
William – Bass
Matthew – Drums


1 – Breath of the Beast
2 – Divine Cessation
3 – The Tail
4 – Seething Disgust
5 – Doomed
6 – Plague Born of a Dying Star
7 – Potent Black Orb


Valdur have been around for a while, like about 13 years or so since their first demo. They have released quite a lot of material in that timespan as well, none of which I have ever heard. Should make this an easy review then because I don’t have to go back into the past and say “I liked their first two better, now they bore me” like just about every other critic out there these days.

Death Metal is what they refer to themselves as on their Facebook page, and I am not one to disagree, although there seems to be a little bit of Black in the mix for mine, but that is not a bad thing, because they are simply crushing regardless. Track three ‘The Tail’ is as brutal as the day you first realised that life is in essence a pointless exercise and one day you will inevitably die a horrible death filled with pain and misery.

Valdur also chuck in the odd ambient bit, but nothing to concern yourself overly about. This is full on fucked up brutality. I have no doubt that Valdur have not set out on this journey to answer the question of life, the universe and everything. I think their intention is to give us all a good smack around the ears with some nasty sounding gritty Metal, and at that they have succeeded. This probably won’t burn your house to the ground, but it will give you a good kick in the rear end and have you smiling.

Now I shall go back and listen to some of their earlier stuff. Valdur have their hearts in the right place, a deathly dark place, and I for one like it.

Review by

The Great Mackintosh