Xenosis – Devour And Birth

Rating: 4.0/5
Distributor/label: Independent
Distributor/label URL: N/A
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL]: https://xenosis.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/xenosisband/

Band line-up:

Sal Boya – Vocals

Kenny Bullard – Guitar

Mark Lyon- Guitar

Dave Legenhausen – Bass

Gary Marotta – Drums


01. Night Hag
02. Army Of Darkness
03. Delirium (Death Of A God)
04. Concave
05. Oxidation
06. Ominous Opus
07. Devour And Birth
08. The Projector


Xenosis the progressive death metal band from New Haven, Connecticut -not to be confused with the progressive death metal band from the UK- are back with their third full release in ‘Devour And Birth’ an eight track marvel of progressive death metal. Following on from the success of their sophomore release ‘Sowing The Seeds of Destruction’, Xenosis have continued from where they left off and have been able to conjure the great inspiration of the cosmos and whatever freaky alien shit they’ve been reading into to create such multiversal music.

It’s techy, proggy, groovy , brutal and all together gravitational. From the opening track ‘Night Hag’ we get a surreal exploring of tight and formulated rhythms which can pulsate and blast, ebb and flow to then go and build up and unleash itself into the great realms if interstellar psychedelia. The second track ‘Army Of Darkness’ doesn’t relent and keeps the greatness flowing. The time signatures stand out as does the band’s use of flurrying lead work which border on the abstract in flow and tone. There’s a very Scandinavian feel to their music with bands such as Soreption, Terminal Function and, but of course, Meshuggah that this style resonates with. It is like these bands pairing up with Mastodon at their heaviest and this is probably the best way that I can describe their sound.

Xenosis play by their own rules and strive for the unexpected, The way some of their sections build towards what you would assume to be a heavy coordinated mode of blasts and riffs traverses in an entirely different direction maintains intrigue throughout. This is apparent throughout the album but really takes hold on ‘Concave’. There’s so much to love if you are a fan of this style or styles. Each member of the band adds their own flavour with riffs aplenty and mad leads from the guitarists Kenny Bulgar and Mark Lyon; polyrhythmic drum patterns with many, many seismic blasts from drummer Gary Marotta and the ever complex yet essential baselines and grooves from bassist Dave Legenhausen. To add the icing on the cake, we have some very powerful and consistent vocals provided by Sal Boya.

Although Xenosis don’t stand in a sub-genre all of their own, they have certainly started to master their sound which was becoming apparent in their last recorded effort. The band have taken a leap forward through ‘Devour And Birth’ and have certainly impressed myself. They are a band of the modern era that haven’t fallen into a generic stupor and have been able to play off of influences rather than to reflect the same sound. I for one am very happy to have this infiltrate my ears and you should give it a blast yourself. ‘Devour And Birth’ is well worth your precious time.

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