Brain Distillers Corporation – new album

New Album “Medicine Show” out in March, details revealed.

Brain Distillers Corporation new album

BRAIN DISTILLERS CORPORATION are five powerful musicians from Milan (Italy), devoted to an outstanding and unique mix of rock, grunge and metal.

The band announces today the official artwork, tracklist and all the details of the second album “Medicine Show”. The record will be out on March 30th, published by the The Jack Music Records label. It features ten tracks plus a cover not to be missed, of the great hit song Man in The Box, originally by Alice In Chains.

The artistic production is entirely by the band, and the mixing and the recordings are by the guitarist Frank Altare at Salvatore at 33Hz Studio, Trezzo Sull’Adda (Milan, IT). The mastering is by Riccardo Parenti at Elephant-Mastering Studio, Rome.

Medicine Show tells us that rock is still alive, and BDC are here to stay! These ten songs talk about our contemporary world, about our fears, our uncertainties, our contradictions. However, they also talk about our undying love for music. Will music save us from the fires of hell or will it sink us into that? Who can say…

The first song of the latest effort of the band, (which is also the name of the album and which is illustrated in the front cover), tells about a small traveling music circus. It flourished in the United States, especially in the Midwest and in the rural South at the end of the 19th century. The leader, the Medicine Man, often called “Professor” or sometimes “Doctor”, was generally neither. Rather, he was a a talented showman and story teller. With the “Professor” at the center, these medicine shows were often structured around entertainers who could be expected to draw a crowd of potential customers. The latter would listen and then purchase the “miracle elixirs” offered by the “doctor”, in order to treat disease. BDC are your doctors and will take care about you. We’ll play for you. We’ll take your soul.

Official tracklist:
1. Medicine Show
2. Reaction
3. In The Land Of Colours
4. The Storm
5. Convince Me
6. The Brains in the Van
7. Man in The Box – Alice in Chains Cover
8. Nezara Viridula
9. A Time For Silence
10. What is Real for You
11. Syriana


The brand-new album “Medicine Show” will be presented on friday 6th April at Legend Club Milan, with a release party not to be missed! Opening act by Paul Audia.

Soon all the other live dates will be announced, to support the new record.

The first single will be out soon. BrainDistillersCorporation ers


BRAIN DISTILLERS CORPORATION is founded in 2013, born from the idea of the two guitarists, Matteo Bidoglia and Francesco Altare to create a band capable of mixing different influences and passions, starting from the grunge music of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, to the rock/metal music of Black Label Society and Black Stone Cherry. That is without forgetting the taste of blues music.

The band is created very soon thanks to the presence of Luca Frangione (bass), Fabrizio Ravasi (drums) and Marco Pasquariello (lead singer), who immediately approve the project and join the two founders.

In June 2014 the band releases the first song “The Biggest Crime”, with the independent label Brainstorm and, at the same time, starts playing in different clubs of Northern Italy with the booking agency named Jack Rock Agency.

From September to December BDC releases a couple of new songs: “I Can Breathe Again” and “Marvin”.

The live showcases go on and in February 2015 BDC open Mellowtoy’s concert and in April the Rebeldevil.

The last effort in studio is “Where is God?”, a song released in April 2015 with the participation of Tommy Massara (Extrema), who signs the song with his special guitar’s solo.

In September the band plays with the Dutch booking agency “Monument Music”.

In October and November BDC opens the concerts of two important Italian rock/metal bands: Extrema and Linea77.

In March 2016 the band launches their first full-length album “Ugly Farm”, where the famous guitarist Stef Burns plays as special guest in the song ‘Lost Friend’.

Stef Burns had previously played with Alice Cooper, Vasco Rossi, Huey Lewis and the News.

With the album release, BDC also comes out with their first video called “Southern MILF”.

The album release coincides also with a promoting tour in Holland and Germany where they have their first European front-line experience by heading up the “Evil Metal Horde Festival”.

In the meantime new fresh ideas come out and the process of writing for the second album starts very soon.

In 2017 the band focuses on refining the production of the new song in studio and starts the recording by the end of April.

The second album is produced by BDC themselves and recorded and mixed by one of the two founders, Francesco Altare in “33Hz Studio” – Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan), while the mastering is done by Riccardo Parenti at “Elephant Mastering Studio” in Rome. In 2017 the live activity becomes a bit less frequent since most of the concentration and forces are put on the new album release. Anyhow the band appears in different clubs in the Northern Italy and plays in Holland.

In February 2018 the band plays a warm up show with the Italian act “Cream Pie”.

BDC are now preparing the release party of the second album “Medicine Show”, out on March 30th for Jack Music Records.

Marco ‘Pascoso’ Pasquariello – Vocals
Matteo ‘Matt’ Bidoglia – Guitar
Francesco ‘Frank’ Altare – Guitar
Luca ‘Tambu’ Frangione – Bass
Fabrizio ‘Thompson’ Ravasi – Drums