Global Scum – Hell Is Home

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: NRT-Records
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Released: 16/02/18
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Manuel Harlander – Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Programming


1. Betrayed
2. Life In Chains
3. Disappointed Life
4. When Water Turns To Blood
5. Amok
6. Global Scum
7. Treacherous Assault
8. Falling Terror
9. Innerlich Faulend
10. I Can’t Change The Fate


The times we live in, eh? Most definitely an inspiration behind GLOBAL SCUM’s debut “Hell Is Home”. For an introduction to the metal fraternity, it’s chocked full of the sort of rage at the world that many of us are experiencing as humanity seems hellbent on buggering everything up. Naturally, there’s a plethora of bands all making use of the hard times, so what’s GLOBAL SCUM mastermind Manuel Harlander got to offer the fold?

Taking a step back and viewing the album as a whole, “Hell Is Home” feels very much like a procession in mid-tempo stomping. Opener “Betrayed” sets the stall out early doors with some chunky chug fun times and, with the exception of a few spasmodic bursts, that’s a great summation. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the riffs in the likes of “Global Scum” and the apoplectic “Falling Terror” are laced with enough fury and groove that’ll tempt even a statue into a spot of headbanging. Where it struggles is that it feels a little one-geared – stick to third-gear and that’ll see us home, but is that enough musically?

Over the course of an album, it feels somewhat lacking. It’s genuinely a surprise when fourth track “When Water Turns To Blood” erupts with such rage that you wonder whether someone pissed in Mr. Harlander’s coffee. It’s a welcome turn – like the guy that shows up at a party with some more booze – but all too brief, sadly. There are other moments that similarly liven things up i.e. the creeping intro to “Global Scum” and the soundbite of “Falling Terror”, both work well within the confines of the song. However, the bizarre excursion with wonky instrumentation in “Disappointed Life” feels bolted on at odd angles – just what does it offer the song exactly?

One thing for sure is that it’ll go down a treat live. The bulky riffs and sheer aggression is just what any self-respecting metalhead would love, and the mosh-monkeys will thoroughly enjoy getting their groove on. There’s talent in the hands of Harlander, but perhaps the benefit of live members to the fold (especially if they’re drafted into the studio for future releases) will further refine that creativity.

There’s a healthy feel that, as a solo project, this could have benefitted from another set of ears to offer some form of constructive feedback. Something to trim the fat, stir the pot and offer some added seasoning… It’s early days for GLOBAL SCUM, but the refinement will come. Nevertheless, “Hell Is Home” effectively apes the times – a continuous torrent of heavy, with little respite to allow for breath.

Review by: Lee Carter