New Year’s Day – Diary Of A Creep EP

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Century Media Records
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Released: 26/01/18
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Band line-up:

Ash Costello – Vocals
Nikki Misery – Guitar
Frankie Sil – Bass
Max Georgiev – Guitar
Zac Morris – Drums


1. Disgust Me
2. Bizarre Love Triangle
3. Fucking Hostile
4. Crawling
5. Only Happy When It Rains
6. Don’t Speak


We all know the purpose of a covers album, right? A band showcases their influences to their fans in a small collection, whilst simultaneously paying homage to those that came before them. Got it? Good. So how’s “Diary Of A Creep” from Anaheim-natives NEW YEAR’S DAY? In short, good.

It takes something special to be able to take five songs from a variety of artists that cover the rock spectrum and make them wholly your own. Fair play if you’re covering a load of death metal tracks as a death metal band (or similar), but as a hard-rock band taking on tracks by the likes of PANTERA, LINKIN PARK and NO DOUBT, there’s a trick to honing everything to coherence. With original opener “Disgust Me” ably demonstrating the band’s unmistakeable combination of melody, hard riffs and subtle electronic glitches, the subsequent five tracks takes the source material and assimilates it into the NEW YEAR’S DAY fold.

There’s a delightful metallic stomp to the group’s cover of NEW ORDER’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” that, much like the original, implores movement, whilst the larger-than-life version of Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains” will incite singalongs wherever it’s played. In fact, it’s an absolute highlight for vocalist Ash Costello – her power and presence is palpably felt and sits oh-so-well alongside fellow rock goddess Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM. Yet that’s nothing to say on the performance of the chest-beating pit-stormer “Fucking Hostile” from groove metal lords, PANTERA.

In case you weren’t already aware of the song, it rips a new one far better than any form of industrial implement could do. It’s one of those songs that artists will need to tread carefully about as you need to match the original or go home. Thankfully, NEW YEAR’S DAY do Dimebag et al. justice and give it the treatment it deserves. The contrast with LINKIN PARK’s “Crawling” that follows makes for an interesting juxtaposition, but it’s rather enjoyable – it just goes to show that we all have various tastes in music and that should be embraced. The melancholy and innate darkness seems a little lost from this version of “Crawling”, perhaps due to the increased use of electronics, but it’s not a complete deal-breaker – just call it “interpretation”.

With a production that sounds beefy in all the right places, “Diary Of A Creep” will certainly creep its way into your everyday playlist. There’s nothing too drastically different on offer here, but these songs are arguably the sort that should be left alone when covered. No use adding/stripping away too much and alienating fans of the originals; just make it yours. Thankfully, NEW YEAR’S DAY fall safely into the latter category and sound positively thrilled to be revelling in their influences for a turn. An enjoyable romp down memory lane with a “hauntedmansioncore” twist.

Review by: Lee Carter