Spite – Antimoshiach

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Invictus Productions
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://invictusproductions666.bandcamp.com/album/antimoshiach
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/spitedesecration

Band line-up:

Salpsan – All instruments, Vocals


01. The Devil’s Minyan
02. The Shield of Abraham
03. Vision of the Merkabah
04. False Magic
05. Second Death
06. Upon Funeral Stone
07. The Hope (of Coming Armageddon)
08. Antimoshiach


Antimoshiach is the debut album from Spite, a one-man black metal band from Brooklyn, New York. We all know that there is a special atmosphere, an essence in black metal, and I think that when one person’s doing it alone you can even feel this more. Loneliness and separation does wonders with this genre.

The cover art of Antimoshiach is perfect. I love these kind of medieval paintings which you can see in codexes. And on Spite’s cover you can see Jesus with a cut-off head in his lap, and around him there’s a dragon, a snake, the devil and a goat… What else do you need on a black metal cover?

The other really positive thing about the album is the sound of it. It’s raw, but it’s not that blood vomiting “trve” raw. It’s an enjoyable, rich, well-produced (but not over-produced) sound. The bass is something that makes me suprised and happy: it’s not just good but you can hear it and it’s clear. This is rare in this genre.

The music itself is fast black metal. It does sound evil, but not unique, nothing new (I don’t think that Salpsan wants to be a pioneer by the way) and after a while it gets a bit repetitive, and by the end a bit boring.

Antimoshiach is a strong debut, and that’s for sure. Five years have already passed since the first single from Spite: I hope we don’t need to wait five more for another EP.

Review by Gabor Csete