Paradise Lost + Outshine + King Goat @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

Date: 22nd February 2018
Review By: Pete Mutant

Paradise Lost were back in Glasgow on the promotion trail for last year’s fifteenth full length studio album ‘Medusa’. The band have been doing the festival circuit as a unit and also on their other side projects with vocalist and founding member Nick Owens dedicating some of his rare time to Swedish Death metal titans Bloodbath whilst guitarist and founding member Gregor Mackintosh and drummer Walter Väyrynen doing some stellar work with another death metal super group in Vallenfyre. The band were back together with long term partner and another founding member in bassist Stephen Edmenson and had several UK dates to promote their latest efforts.

The venue of choice on this evening was the Classic Grand and there was a near capacity crowd there for the three bands that we had for tonight. Unfortunately, I missed the first band King Goat almost entirely and only caught the last few minutes of their last song which was sounding absolutely cracking with deep, dark grooves and some haunting vocals it is a real shame that I missed out. The main support for this evening were Swedish Gothic metal merchants in Outshine who were bringing out their latest studio release 1313 the day after this concert so they were hot on the promotional trail for this album and we would get a few snippets of it this evening.

Outshine [3.0/5] were a band that I hadn’t come across until this evening and it didn’t take long for them to make an impression. It wasn’t a wholly positive impression as I was a little underwhelmed with the simplicity of the guitar parts in the new track and opener ‘My Agony’ , but the Gothenburg outfit did have a certain aura which was displayed in intervals such as the opening and chorus…pretty much anywhere outside the main body of the song. The big bearded frontman Tony Jelencovich however, looked very focused and was giving a commanding performance. The whole band were focused and putting a ton of energy into the haunting power of the music.

Jimmy Norberg was handling guitar duties so the keyboards and synths were coming preset on the laptop but the band kept it tight and sequenced everything well and in good time. Drummer Alexander Lundgren was the highlight for me as he offered a bit of variety to the music and went hard in with some blasts when required. Tony Jelencovic certainly wasn’t afraid to let out a roaring scream especially in one of the band’s newest tracks ‘Liar’ which got quite a few heads in the audience banging. It had plenty of force and loads of that dark energy that signifies this band. We got another new track next in ‘She Will Love Me When I Am Dead’ and went back to see older stuff with the rest of the set.

Outshine certainly had their moments and they blended in very well with the lineup for this evening. They have supported Paradise Lost several years ago, before the drama with the Swedish courts occurred and it was evident that the band were happy to get back on stage and into their music. They’re dark melodies mixed in with the strength of despair to create a quaking domineering sound. ‘We Are Broken’ kept things heavy before ‘I Was Nothing’ slightly lowered the tempo before becoming a sizeable anthem with great staying power. Outshine finished the set strongly with ‘They Know Who You Are’ which brought some nice retro synths and some heavy rhythm before opening into some catchy music. It was the right way to end the set, a set with overwhelming subject matter but with an underwhelming delivery.

1. My Agony
2. They Were Too Young
3. Bad Things Always End Bad
4. Liar
5. She Will Love Me When I Am Dead
6. We Are Broken
7. I Was Nothing
8. Leave Now Honey
9. They Know Who You Are

Headliners Paradise Lost [4.0/5] took to the stage to a raucous applause. Would be safe to say that around 99% of people in the building were here for them after all and there was a near capacity crowd there to welcome the band back to Glasgow. Old Man Nick Owens was last on the stage as the band opened with ’From The Gallows’ from their latest album ‘Medusa’ so they instantly went for the heavy. Nicks growls were deep and dominating and we got plenty of blasts from drummer Walter Väyrynen and that was me happy. The second track ‘Hallowed Land’ diverted from the seismic thunder and we got some of Nick’s cleaner vocals. Gregor Mackintosh was going hard on the wah pedal for this one and stretched the resonance of the notes to the max.

We went back to ‘Medusa’ for the title track on the fifth song of the set which was a really strong track with some very dark melodies and some great leadwork again.The sixth track ’Erased’ brought plenty of bounce and some of the fellows behind the front started to have a merry old pit whilst many other clapped together in unison. We to some lovely bass lines coming through from Stephen Edmonson which were given some extra sonic boom from some nice fills on the drums. Onwards and upwards, we went back to fan’s favourite ‘Gothic’ for ‘Eternal’ which hit hard as the crowd got more and more into their rhythm. We got some sing alongs at times, some movement and generally some very satisfied patrons.

With fifteen albums, the band had a lot to get through and we got the title track from ‘Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us’ before we went ack to ‘Icon’ for ‘Ember’s Fire’ which edged us closer to the end with the band exiting the stage before the encore began. By this point we have had thirteen tracks and we were to get another three before the night’s music would end. We went back to the band’s previous effort before ‘Medusa’ in ‘No Hope In Sight’ from 2015’s ‘The Plague Within’. The tone was excellent and we got a thunderous break which really drove us on to wards the ever nearing close. We got another track off of ‘Medusa’ next in ‘The Longest Winter’ which was as happy and uplifting as it sounds.

We ended the night by getting ‘Say Just Words’ which increased the tempo and served as a fine example as to why this band get referred to as “Gothic metal”. There was shouts of “oi, oi oi,” coming from the crowd with some singing along and others just dancing away as this was a anti-climatical song to bring to an end. It left us feeling great but also wanting more as if the music had just started but alas it was our final offering tonight and that was the set brought to a close. What a blinder eh and well worth a gander. This band has evolved and went on left turns; drifted away; ebbed and flowed; crushed and hammered; haunted and grieved and covered a massive spectrum of musical varieties in their illustrious career. One thing for certain is that they haven’t missed a beat so far and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

1. From The Gallows
2. Hallowed Land
3. The Enemy
4. One Second
5. Medusa
6. Erased
7. Forever Failure
8. Eternal
9. Pity The Sadness
10. Blood And Chaos
11. Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
12. Return To The Sun
13. Embers Fire
14. No Hope In Sight
15. The Longest Winter
16. Say Just Words